Whether we like it or not, cigars and their size and shapes are at times seen and used as psychological and metaphorical phallic symbols. But like Sigmund Freud said “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.

Phallic symbol or not, women do have the tendency to look awfully sexy when puffing on a cigar. Maybe it’s because the thought that their beauty and femininity stays intact, while puffing on something larger than a skinny white nonfiltered cigarette.  

Woman are more than just a sex symbol when it comes to cigars. They are by far some of the most interesting and educated Cigar Aficionadas ever. Here is the beautiful Alexis Kendra, who shares her experience and lifestyle as a Cigar Aficionada with Stalletto Magazine.

“Nowadays, women are doing just about anything, why not smoke a cigar?”

“I’ve been smoking cigars foralmost 15 years. I remember my first time experiencing smoking a cigar; I had just moved to Los   Angeles and was visiting a dear friend who lived in a downtown loft. He handed me a cigar and a cappuccino”. 

“I remember after about and hour and a half, I felt relaxed and somewhat grounded. “After that      experience I was hooked andcigars have become such apleasure in my life, with something I can look forward to each week.”

“I know women are smoking cigars more now than in the past, however, I still don’t see many women smoking.” 

“I have tons of female friends and I can’t seem to find any who want to take a trip to a cigar lounge and light up.”

“I think that society has cigar smoking labeled as such a guy thing that women don’t feel part of it.” Look at all of the Mafia characters in movies, Tony Soprano, The God Father, the list goes on and it’s all these high powered men lighting up.”


Here Alexis is smoking - My Father Le Bijou 1922

“I think if women saw it as an opportunity to have an hour or longer just for themselves, where it’s just them and the cigar, a quiet time, I think more would smoke.” 

“If they sat in a beautiful room with a fireplace, had a glass of cognac, smoke a cigar, they would enjoy it.” “Then give them an aged Cuban, and they’d be hooked.” “Nowadays, women are pretty much doing   everything, why not smoke a     cigar?”

“As a filmmaker and screenwriter, I’m constantly thrown in many   directions, and its’ fun because I’m becoming known as the woman who will take a meeting with you in a cigar lounge.” “It’s a perfect way to take anyone's guard down and actually have a nice time.”

“I get asked a lot; how often do I smoke cigars?” “And it’s always changing. “Every day when I write, after a long day at work, holidays-I mean-a cigar for me is my little time to relax, so when I have time, I light up.”

“I smoke Cubans and Non-Cubans. “In terms of Cubans, I’d say my favorites would be the Cohiba Esplendidos with seven years of age on it.” “It literally taste like   vanilla and mocha and I don’t drink anything with it. It’s perfect alone.”

“I also love the Hoyo de Monterey. “I believe these Cubans can be smoked right out of the box.”


Alexis is smoking a Trinidad Coloniales

“And with this one, I like coffee with a little milk and a little sugar.”


“As a film maker and screen writer, I’m known as the woman who would take you to a cigar lounge for a meeting”


“Some Non-Cubans I love are; the Valeroso Repasado, Lancero-I pair with coffee, and it’s great when I’m writing sometimes in the   mornings.” 

“I’m a sucker for the Opus X   Fuente. “This I like to pair with a Jonnie Walker Blue or a Master Blender’s Hennessy.”

“My father smokes cigars, and it’s become our little hobby together.” “We send each other cigars that we like and compare palates.” 

‘I’m really looking forward to   growing as a Cigar Aficionada and leaning more about the amazing intoxicating world of cigar smoking.”





Alexis is smoking a Fuente God of Fire Serie B