Androgyny is no longer a fad nor a Halloween costume. It is a way of life, a lifestyle, a style that one purposely choses to dress without any excuses or fashion headlines encouraging them to dress like this or that for next years fashion forecast.  It is a conscious decision take it or leave it. We find androgynous style chic and  glamorous. It’s where boy-meets-girl and wow, do we love it!

The combination of female masculinity fashion is so fascinating, woman all over the world have emptied out their closets tossing out frilly dressy and six-inch  stilettos, and filling them with classic pin-striped jacket and dress slacks sporting a one inch cuff, a necktie and a fedora.  And don’t forget the Stacey's-Stacy Adams that is.  

Let’s take a look a Marlene Dietrich, a prime example of how empowered a   woman can feel by exploring her own style sexuality when dressing like a man. She not only loved dressing in a man’s shirt and tie, she embraced the idea of having both male and female characteristics when out on the town meeting friends for cocktails. She was  comfortable in her own skin or shall we say suit becoming extraordinarily famous when she cultivated her own androgynous style of dress in the 1920s and ‘30s when fashion was everything. She was glamorous in a long flowing gown and just as glamorously stunning showing off her iconic tuxedo and top hat.

And then of course there is one of my  favorite classic films from the1940s-“The Philadelphia Story” whereas Katherine Hepburn plays a socialite categorically stealing the show when throughout the majority of the film, she beautifully sports women’s trousers.

Remember the “L” Word, the lesbian  series featuring the lives of a group of friends in Los Angeles? Androgynous  fashion depicted not only who they were, but their independence in how they wanted to be recognized. The fashion alone gave it the A-Okay for androgynous style to be worn shouting -I am who I want to be- whether you were a lesbian or not.  

Androgynous fashion or style may not be for everyone, but we think everyone should give it a try. 






Stylist/Shop Owner-Sandra Mendoza - Debutante Clothing
Model - Sofia Raquel Photography-Jose Chavez

Makeup/Hair - Josie J
Location - Mi Havana Cigar House Pomona