The Illustrated Sense Of It All


Fashion is the real test of time directly and indirectly. It allows us to be free and take with stride a futuristic as well as a past, creative stand by individualizing ourselves in society.

The styles we wear, characterizes each of us as how we want to be understood.  The idealistic approach to fashion, style and beauty is and has been for some time, no longer an afterthought.  Most take their fashion sense seriously.

Fashion designers all over the world rely on fashion illustrators to bring their ideas to life. It takes more than a great imagination to bring any fashion collection to fruition.





Audrey Hepburn Inspiration
Red Spanish Roses




Grace Kelly Inspiration
Granada Roses




Rita Hayworth Inspiration
Granada Rose


Viven Leigh Inspiration


The idea itself must be put on paper using color pens and pencils, watercolors, ink, chalk or whatever artistic tool the artist so desires.

With these tools and the extreme talent, skill and patience of the illustrator, the world is able to wear some of the most beautiful fashions imaginable.