The legendary

Ava gardner

Ava Lavinia Gardner was born December 24th 1922. Throughout her career as an actress on the silver screen, in movies such as; The Killers, The Barefoot Contessa, The Snows of Kilimanjaro and The Sun Also Rises, Ava became one of the most beautiful and sexiest `Femme Fatale’ American iconic film star ever. And from the early 1940s while with MGM, she maintained her goddess like beauty and style until the day she died. 

Ava’s on and off screen style resonates still today as classic, sexy and alluring. Her long, dark, thick flowing mane, framing her stunning green eyes and dark red lips, said it all. Her flawless approach to keeping things simple, brought true meaning to the saying, `less is more’. 

When showing off her figure in strapless gowns and tight buttoned up sweaters, Ava paved the way to glamourous, sexy, beautiful, sultry, come hither style. 

Ava very seldom wore earrings or necklaces as her everyday style, but when she did dial it up, they were gorgeously opulent. A large flower pinned on the side of her long luscious hair, was at times, her jewelry. 

Long satin, lace or leather elbow gloves with a diamond bracelet, or two, was part of Ava’s daring ensemble. Fur coats, she loved and wore most often when the weather or the right dating partner permitted. Sheer black stockings with a seam gracefully climbing all the way up the back of her curvy legs, brought ultimate sex appeal to any of her night out on the town styles. Posing for cameras in tight bathing suits, fishnets and high heels, Ava was the most sought after pin-up model of her time. 

Ava is and always will be, one of our favorite Femme Fatale beauties of all times!