Bart Christiaanse is one of our youngest photographers being only 18 years of age. Living in Harderwijk located in The Netherlands, Bart attends college at The Deltion College in Zwolle, where he learned basic photography and filming. 




Enjoying college, his inspiration came from learning form others and their ideas and creativity. He really wanted to get deep into the learning how to make good images. With the positive vibes and push from his instructors, Bart became excited about dramatic photography. 

“I just went out into the world, and something strange happened.” “I began to see things that I didn’t notice before”. 

Bart curiosity began to open up doors to beautiful lines of buildings, the colors of graffiti; things the world had to offer that most wouldn't pay much attention to. 

Now Bart goes out into the world with his camera appropriately ready for shooting, stops on the side of a road when he notices a certain view that catches his eye. 






“I always carry my camera, cause you can walk into a room a million times, but sometimes you see the room in a different perspective.” 

Although Bart’s career is taking him down a different path, he will always have a passion for photography and will continue to become more creative with each shoot. 

Please enjoy his stunning dark flower photography shot specifically for
Stalletto Magazine.