Hollywood Hair Rewind


Women buy a bazillion pair of shoes, purses galore and clothes like there is no tomorrow. Ladies it’s time to change up the hairdo. 

For day to day wear, today, ladies have to keep it real. The bun is the most practical running around the house way to go. Or, you can conjure up the perfect sock bun, when going to the mall or out for lunch. What about the straight floppy, I don’t feel like doing anything today, hair? Or even the under-the-beanie look when running to grab a bite to eat, hoping no one spots you or your hair? We’re not saying that’s how you flow, we are just saying, It’s time to REWIND! 

The 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s gave us exciting black and white movies with beautiful women that had perfect, beautiful hair. Women all over the world tried to replicate their styles. You couldn’t walk any street in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, or basically any city in the U.S. without seeing a women all dolled up with red lips, gloves and the perfect movie star hairstyle. 

You don’t have to change your entire style to look beautiful with a vintage hairstyle, actually it’s more fun to be you when transforming your hair into something you know others may not do. The idea is to have fun while being ultimately stylish, using your hair as the main ingredient. 

There are short, medium and long vintage and classic Hollywood hairstyles that can fit every women. It’s up to you to use the one that flatters you the best. 

If you’re not sure which style is good for you, consult the pros. Check out some of our Vintage Babes that made everyone fall in love with Hollywood. Then allow us to show you ladies that have already rewound their hairstyles. Here’s to your new Do. 

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