Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick

For the moody in you





If you thought you’ve seen it all with lipstick, think again. This Chinese company Kailijumei launched a lipstick concept in 2016 that will blow your mind. And even today, it’s still all that and more. 

Having tiny little gold specks and flower petals, yes real flowers, right in the middle is not only pretty, it’s magical. The lipstick goes on clear and then within seconds right in front of your eyes, changes colors based on the temperature of your body. Or shall we say mood. 

These hydrating lip balms work with your bodies PH levels. They are made with the best moisturizing ingredients of cocoa butter, bees wax and essential oils. Not only are they pretty they serve a purpose, because every lady wants nice soft healthy appealing lips. 

They come in several shades and pretty names to boot; Barbie Doll, Flame Red and Dream Purple, just to name a few. The color of the flower indicates the color of the shade of lipstick. 

So keep your mood in-check or not, because these beauties have been known to sell out at most online shopping sites. 

Have fun and be beautifully colorful because this is what a flower summer is all about.