Parfum Caron's Vintage Narcisse Noir

Narcisse Noir Caron perfume is a legendary vintage perfume created in 1911 France, by the Jewish master perfumer, Ernest Daltroff, 1867-1941 

Parfum fragrances designed in the early 1900’s had a unique sense of priority, when it came to the importance of the actual scent. Then, Parfums were made to be noticed or shall we say ‘meant to linger on’ in one’s mind, even after you’ve left the scene”. 

Narcisse Noir is not considered soft or fresh, it has a strong, pungent scent that one most definitely needs to be able to handle and get used to. It’s not for everyone, but what perfume is? 

Narcisse Noir was quite the perfume to wear in the boudoir days of the 1920s in Paris. Woman from all walks of life, especially the woman-of-the-evening, dabbed on a few drops guaranteeing the attention needed for a prosperous night. Although the bottle was designed with a touch of art deco style, it seems to take on an elegant approach having the golden liquid inside that is respectfully or not reminiscent of the era. 


Parfum Caron's Vintage
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Narcisse is French which means daffodil, in turn came from the Greek mythology of a young hunter, “Narcissus”, who fell in love with his own beautiful reflection. 

The term Narcissism, has been used for many centuries for those who seem to appear enamored by their own beauty. Noir, is French for “black” and for some time now, became known as the French adaptation for the genre of crime fiction dramas in the 1940-1950s. And as the fame of this parfum would have it, in the 1950s, Narcisse Noir gained notoriety when being caressed in the hands of Gloria Swanson in the dark film noir movie, “Sunset Boulevard”. 

This unique parfum was made primarily of; African orange flower, narcissus (daffodils), orange, jasmine, rose, civet, vetiver, musk and sandalwood. 

You can still enjoy and purchase this sweet, potent smelling parfum from private collectors on the world wide web. So start your very own vintage perfume collection with Caron’s Narcisse Noir, and we promise not to tell if you glamour in your own reflection.