"Too much is not enough"

A Shoe Designers Flower Philosophy

My design philosophy is “pretty first”, and what can make your feet more prettier than putting some kind of flower on them”. 

“Here at Stalletto is a small representation of close to a million shoes I have designed and sold over the years”. 


"I am particularly fond of the

1950's when women were the

most glamorous."

My shoe designing career started when I was 20 years old. I created my own brand in 1978 and have been going strong ever since. I have been shopping vintage clothing and accessories for that same amount of time.



Their shoes reflected glamour with high heel mules, flowers, bows and rhinestone trim. 

“The whole Miami and California look has always been a strong inspiration for me”. 

“Living in Spain, I can relate to the sunshine that influenced all those wonderful women
of the past”. 


"Now I am 70,
I am officially vintage myself."


Beverly Feldman




Shoe Photography by: Pepe Arenas