A woman in a man’s world, they say?


The cigar business is a multi-billion dollar industry grossing approximately $4 Billion dollars annually (CDC research in 2008) with as many as 13.1 million people in the USA partaking in cigar smoking. Now since we only have research engines to rely for the numbers in our inquiries, we have to understand that other researches contradict the facts that we have just quoted. So let’s keep all these numbers in mind but as an idea to the concept we are trying to help you see here.

A woman in a man’s world, they say?  Well I’m not sure if that is at all correct. So let’s have a look.

As of 1980 approximately 3.2 women in good ole USA are cigar users, reports the major cigar magazine, Cigar Aficionado. That’s not bad considering the United States consensus says there are approximately 324,700,000 people in the country.

 So when doing the math, woman cigar users take up about one tenth of the population. Again, since there is no current real factual research data, we will use this as a close approximate, but even so, you get the idea.





Blake Crossley

Cigar Aficionado

Blake Crossley tells Stalletto;

“Liga Cigars where actually only offered to certain retail places for quite a while and were released to public purchases a couple of years ago.

The cigar itself has a broadleaf wrapper which is hand fermented for 18 months, and the cigar is aged an additional year after rolling.

It is a dark silky, lush luxury smoke that will fill a room with smoke from each draw from the oily based wrapper...needless to say, this cigar is one of a kind.”


Used to light his cigar, is an Alec Bradley table top burner.
“Which is a must for any cigar aficionado!” says Blake Crossley





Blake is smoking a Lisa Privada #9

Made by the Drew Estate in Nicaragua by the master blender and president “Steve Saka”




We could literally go on about cigars and the number of people who partake. But we want to talk about the image of cigar smoking, and why that image is calculated as “sexy”.  Even I think a man smoking a cigar is sexy, why? I’m not sure.

For me, I think it’s the low key sophistication of the way a man looks when puffing on a Cohiba or any cigar for that matter. The look on his face as he slowly sucks and inhales then allows smoke to sneak out and between his lips, while he tilts his head and looks at the cigar in admiration as the ash builds to a length that requires bragging rights, seems to turn me on. I mean, I think I can speak for a lot of ladies.

Men who smoke cigars, are set aside from those who puff on cigarettes. The connotation is somehow different. Men who smoke cigars come across as handsome with a physical attraction that is enhanced when puffing on a stogie. Not to all but to a lot of women out there.

Yes, we all know that neither is good for your health, even if you don’t inhale cigar smoke like you do cigarettes. Nevertheless, we accept smoking cigars in a whole different realm of understanding than we do cigarettes.

Basically health doesn’t cross our minds because smoking a cigar seems as if it is for those men (and women) who are in a separate class of their own.

Ava Rayke





Aleksandar Stipcic

Cigar Aficionado

Aleksandar Stipcic aka Alex, from a small country in Eastern Europe-Serbia RS, has been in the cigar business for 10 years. In Europe he worked with Cuban cigars. He is now the General Manager of Las Casa Cigar & Lounge in Las Vegas Nevada.

“My favorite pairing is Yamazkaki 18 y.o. and Illusione Epernay

"My favorite Rrestaurant is Le Cirque at the Bellagio Hotel”

“One of my favorite whiskeys is Dalmore Cigar Malt"

"My Favorite non-Cuban cigars are:

Oliva Melanio
Hirochi Robaina




Credits for Alex

Kindapunk Photography


Location-Las Vegas NV

Credits for Blake

Photography - Blake Crossley

Stolen Images Photography

Location- Washiongton-Images were taken at Mr. Crossley’s indoor man cave - cigar lounge, which features a 6ft-1500 count humidor, flat screen TV, leather chairs, 6 ashtrays, poker table and all the 49ers sports memorabilia you can think of.