A feminine silhouette, by popular opinion, is the traditional style of a steel-bone, lace-up corset, with a common assumption of why women (and a select group of men) create a vivacious, yet fearless approach to displaying a persona that entices sexual attraction. 

Those who do wear such a contouring design are more likely to inspire an internal emotion of not only strength, but empowerment as well. Such strength can easily turn into a key factor of Corset Aficionados, a phrase used for those who have a surging interest in waist training. 

A corset is fully intended to be worn both publicly and privately than just solely as an undergarment, in such a liberal-minded society. While a large demographic of women find comfort less important than their female beauty, social status, and respectability, they regularly conform with a daily regimen of waist training. 

This foundation garment serves as a true fundamental of support for both one’s body as well as their clothing choices, creating an excellent source of back support. 

Of course if you’d rather wear our corset in the bedroom, the same feelings of confidence and assertiveness that are in effect for day-to-day corset wearing can also be turned to sexual confidence, and an appreciative partner can be either inspiration or an added benefit. 

The compression of a corset is also sometimes found physically stimulating as well as visually titillating. Very few wear just one style of corset, rather they wear a combination of gowns, waspies, and overbust versions, all achieving a sensual appearance. 

While many women wouldn’t consider a corset for everyday attire, it’s safe to say that lacing up is highly encouraged and expected for a generation of woman today. For woman of the Victorian era, a gown such as this would present nothing, but pure beauty, expressing who you truly are, with the addition of a corset which speaks of your personality. 

If worn correctly, a corset can still be a glamorous and beautiful choice, being displayed as a work of art with an array of detailed embellishments, beading, and multiple yards of Chantilly lace. 

Today, corsets are ultimately about support, foundation, and structure, not simply about waist reduction; they bring beauty to any occasion, from day wear to an evening of ultimate seduction. 

Doris Hobbs

Contributing writer for Stalletto 

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