Relax and indulge at this glamorous luxury getaway. Cottonwood Cottage, Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia, is the perfect place for celebrating love. This is the ideal intimate timeout location that will pamper all five of your senses. 

With mother nature as your backdrop, Cottonwood Cottage sits on 61 acres below Dorrigo World National Park, where you can explore the beautiful scenery by strolling the grounds, relaxing and inhaling all of its’ beauty, while sipping on a delicious cup of coffee. 

Dine under the stars and prepare yourself to be serenaded by the moonlight, while the private river flows with sounds that will caress your soul. 

The one bedroom cottages come with glamorous white walls, intimate fireplace and heated wooden floors. 

And for the excitement of it all, embrace each other in the outdoor shower made for two. 

Average Cost: $280- $350 per night