Rooftop Dining Alfresco Style

Do you want to dine, or do you want to dine... Rooftop Alfresco that is? 

It is no secret that most people love dining indoors where it’s quiet, peaceful, warm while being surrounded by background music and indistinctive chit chat of other restaurant patrons. Let’s change the idea of what dining should be all about. 

Above Eleven-Rooftop Bar Restaurant Bangkok

Hotel-LKF by Rhombus Azure-Restaurant-Rooftop-Hong Kong

Don’t dine just to go out and eat for an hour or two then go home feeling full and disgusted. Make your night out a delightful experience that you will never forget, by dining on the rooftop of a glamorous restaurant ”Alfresco Style” 

Being on top of the world is no longer a metaphor. You can actually enjoy a candlelit dinner over-looking the entire city while the lights twinkle from near and afar. It is breathtaking and an adventure of a lifetime to just inhale the world by viewing it from above. 

La Sultana Rooftop Restaurant Marrakech

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar-Restaurant  San-Miguel De-allende Mexico

A birds-eye view has just become a reality, when you and your date embrace the beauty of the sky above as if you could reach up and touch the stars. The world unfolds and delivers the most wondrous breathtaking ambiance that mother nature provides; a breeze that gently touches your cheeks, the stars that twinkle as if they were sending you a personal message and the sunset that is layered with beautiful colors creating a poetic backdrop that makes you feel as if it waited just for you. 

The aroma from the entrees sneak upon you as they are carefully prepared by one of the most highly coveted chefs. And as if you were a king or queen, your every whim is cared for. A candle flickers and creates shadows across your faces that reflects an angelic silhouette as the clinking from cocktail glasses reminds you that you are in love and this is what it’s all about. 

Rooftop 600 San Diego

Sushi Samba Bar Restaurant Heron Tower London

The Lighthouse Rooftop Tapas Restaurant Singapore

The Mayflower Rooftop Restaurant at The Hilton Checkers Hotel
Los Angeles

Dining Rooftop Alfresco Style, is about allowing yourself to feel special. It’s about climbing the ladder to experience the things you work so hard for. It is a special moment that you just don’t do everyday. It’s just not dining, it’s splurging into a lifestyle that envelopes an emotion of achievement. Dine Rooftop Alfresco Style and create an experience that will titillate your memory banks for years to come.