Romantic Picnic by the Sea

If you’re wanting to do something simple but romantic, why not take it to the beach. The outdoors is refreshing and when lounging by the ocean, you can’t help but feel the joy that comes from being away from the hustle and bustle of life. 

The sound of the waves crashing about with white caps flowing in and out, brings a whole new meaning to outdoor dining. The sand mingling in-between your toes as you stroll pass sea birds flying gracefully above and the air full of ocean aroma, is breathtaking. 

All you need is a blanket and a few pillows for comfort. Adding romance to your picnic is easy. Grab a few mason jars, tea candles and don’t forget the fire starter. Cut flowers from your backyard and put in a vase of water for you picnic centerpiece. You can even sprinkle flower pedals in the sand around the area in which you prepare your picnic. Get creative and make your picnic experience your own. 

Make your picnic something to remember but keep in mind that this getaway is for relaxing and enjoying each others company, so don’t make your meal difficult. 

Pack things that are easy to prepare and set up when at the beach. Sandwiches and wine are ideal. Maybe a wedge of gorgonzola cheese and even fruit for example; grapes, orange slices or even strawberries. The point is to keep it romantic but keep it simple. 

Life is short but the sea is forever. Why not take you and your loved one away from it all and spend the day picnicking at the beach. 

We’ll see you there.