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Vintage Luxury Train
Ride Excursions

Life should be about new experiences. It’s not only for the day, it’s for tomorrow, the next day and the day after that. It’s about romance and a romantic experience that gives you memories of a lifetime. 

Try something new and exciting. Why not a weekend excursion on the Vintage Orient Express; a luxury train excursion that offers an incredibly sophisticated and glamorous vintage alluring décor one can only imagine. 

Travel through, Romania, Paris, Bucharest and even London and take in the beauty from some of the worlds most exotic cities. The trains smooth ride is fun, unique and wildly entertaining as you view the passing scenery looking out large windows framed with beautiful vintage fabric. This ride takes you back in time with classic style and comfort. 


Fall in love with the adventure while cuddling in a luxury bedroom designed with you in mind. Soft quality high count bedding and attention to detail is what this experience is all about. 

Dine in the glamorous restaurant enjoying the chefs eye catching delectable entrees that await you each night. The Stewarts prepare your bedroom for a good night sleep while you cocktail it up at the bar that carries only the best top shelve spirits. 

Chit chat and enjoy the bar area that is covered with decor and designs from the yesteryears, while the pianist serenades you with tunes that flow from a baby grand piano. 

And if you get a whim for shopping, visit the on-board boutique that houses designs and brands that will certainly tantalize you style curiosity. 

There are no limits to a luxury train excursion. It can give you just want you need and desire for you and your loved one.