Romantic Beach Horseback Riding


What a unique and exciting way to celebrate your love, other than going horseback riding at the beach with the one you love. 

Some may say it’s not the most glamorous celebration in the world, but we beg to differ. 

Being glamorously in love can take you to higher levels of pleasure when stepping out of-the-box together. When experiencing new adventures, you don’t need the literal bling around your neck, you have it right there in your heart. 

Lovely beaches such as; Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Surfside Ranch in San Diego California, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and Florida will mesmerize you. These beaches offer up some of the best couple and group beach horseback riding packages.

You will be amazed as the breeze blows through your hair with the fresh air and glistening ocean setting off a backdrop of mother natures most wondrous views. Romance is waiting as you stroll the beach alongside your horse or gallop slowly with your loved one by your side. Straddle up on a beautiful thoroughbred and whisk off to Neverland. 

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