Romantic Chocolate Bubble Bath


Deliciously melt your stress away with your sexy someone using a combination of chocolate bubble bath, bath oils, scrubs and body wash. 

We all know that chocolate has been identified as one of foods aphrodisiacs as well as one of the most important romantic gifts one can give their love. 

After the dinner date is over and the sun goes down, why not end the night soaking in the aroma of chocolate bubble bath while feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate truffles? It doesn’t get any more romantic than that. 

Place lighted tea candles all around the bathtub area. Pour two glasses of champagne or your favorite wine and you are almost ready to begin your romantic chocolate experience. 

Pour your chocolate bubble bath into the tub and let the warm water fill up creating delicious bubbles, then let the fun begin. 

Take turns bathing each other in Chocolate Chip Cookie Shower Gel. Run your fingers through his hair using Fudge Cake Shampoo. Massage her feet and legs with Hot Cocoa Body Wash and inhale the romance of the night. 

Remember you are at home and you can indulge in anything your heart desires. The aroma will fill the air as you relax in the warm water sipping on champagne while your date whispers sweet nothings in your ear. 

Add a bit of soft music that is sure to put a lust in the air. Let nature takes its’ course as you fall back in love over and over again throughout your romantic chocolate bubble bath experience. This will be a night you and your boo will remember over and chocolate over again! 

Here are a few products that will help you on your way to your
romantic chocolate bubble bath experience:

Oriflame Chocolate Bubble Bath 

Chocolate Chip Cookie - Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath 

Fudge Cake - Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath 

Hot Cocoa - Shampoo, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath 

Fresh Coca Body Exfoliant 

Philip B. Chocolate Scrub and Body Wash 

Faith in Nature Chocolate Bubble Bath and Body Wash