Melissa Coder as Alexandria
Sassy / Scheming / Rich

Evan Cudworth as  Stefan  Handsome / Smart / Richer

Evan Cudworth as Stefan
Handsome / Smart / Richer





Devious = Red

The color red, no matter how you really want to observe, enjoy, wear or philosophize it, remains as one of the colors of evil, lust, mayhem, murder and deviousness. 

The intense reality of any color identifies its placement in life. We may not agree as to the overall sector or why a color was placed where it was as its determining factor, nonetheless we go along with the rules that a color means what we are told it means. Who is telling us this? Well your guess is good as ours. 

But let’s go along with the game and put a spotlight on Red in its obvious form of idealism. 

In films, red is the color of blood that oozes out of a mans head once shot with a pistol by his enemy. Then there’s “Little Red Riding Hood” who in theory sets off to her grandmas house carrying a basket of biscuits and tea, where soon, because of her Red cloak, gets noticed and becomes stalked by the hungry Big Bad Wolf. 


What about “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned” where a woman loves or hates her man, and must pay him back for his wrong-doings by scheming to get revenge on whatever it was he did in the first place to put his women in such a state of devious revenge. Carrying along with the metaphor where she becomes so extremely and intensely upset to a point that her behavior becomes out of control, it is said that- “SHE SAW RED” 

When scheming, what other way to manipulate a set up other than to put on a sexy red dress where behind his back, she holds the key to true danger. And without, (or so she thinks), his awareness of what is to become of him in the near future. 

Until...he makes his move to diminish her ability to complete her evil scheming devious task, by putting her in a manipulative state of love and lust, where he then portrays the rude awakening to her that he was the one scheming after-all. 

Red-like a piano, will always hold the power to change a mood or idea from good to evil with just one note. 


The Plan



"What he doesn't know won't hurt him"

"Will he ever know who I really am?"

"Will he ever know who I really am?"


The Plot Thickens

"Nothing can stop me now"

"Nothing can stop me now"


"Stephan's love was never supposed to feel this good"

"Stephan's love was never supposed to feel this good"

"Alexandria, I suppose I do know who you really are.
The question is; do you really know me?"

"Stephan, don't think for a moment that I've forgotten"