Old Hollywood Premier

This Long strip line restaurant with walls covered in large black and white old Hollywood photography, feels as if you just walked in to an old Hollywood movie premiere in the 1920s. 

With a Hollywood inspired sign spelling out its name in huge brass movie lights, Barlow’s offers a clean streamline, space that spells classy, upscale and certainly inviting. 

Old Hollywood glamour charm with huge gold chandelier hovering over an extremely long dining table, offers a extremely large  black and white photograph of a 1920s movie star, lovingly looking on, as you enjoy your Bay Shrimp cocktail, cheeseboard loaded with some of the best cheese around and a bowl filled with caramelized French onion dip. 

Sip on one of their signature cocktails, the Rattlesnake, in liquid nitrogen chilled glassware and hand engraved ice cubes and you will be enthralled in an ultimate dining experience of old Hollywood, right in downtown Portland Oregon. 

Barlow Artisanal Bar

737 S.W. Salmon St
Portland OR, 92705503-227-0705