Where Old Hollywood Adventures Begin

Charlie Parker filled the room, making love to my soul, while my thirst for passion overwhelmed my being. I puffed on an Oliva cigar and anxiously waited for the phone to ring. 

I love it tight and I love it smooth, so I slid into a slinky little black number that dipped low in the back and slit high up the side. 

I pulled on my long black leather gloves as the doorbell rang. I made him wait. I took the last sip of Exceptional Grain whisky, and slowly opened the door. 

The black Bugatti whispered all the way there. This better be good, I thought to myself. He pulled up to the curb, and the white gloved valet offered me his hand. The Strip House, could this be real? 

The red hues of the room, kissed me on the lips as I entered into a sultry world meant and designed just for me. Old friends of mine welcomed me with open arms, as they glamorously blessed the red walls with their presence. 

Dames and handsome old Hollywood movie stars, waiting to tell me all about the night when they fell in love and danced the night away in the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s, hung in black and white on brass wall dividers, making sure I enjoyed every moment. 

Marlene Dietrich with her long cigarette and sassy blond hair, proudly oversaw the night’s events, while in a gold frame, her photo glowed. 

Red leather diamond tucked banquet seats and deep red carpet, I adored and walked gently as if I were a star. The music sexy and loving, boiled my blood and I wanted to make love right then and there. 

I caressed the rich soft crimson red leather and gold diamond designed chairs as if they were my lover. A sip of Jameson whiskey and the flavor of an exquisite tender perfectly prepared porterhouse steak covered in savory sauce, took me soaring above the clouds. 

And as I glanced around the magnificent warm and charming atmosphere, I realized this was home. 

Strip House

Inside Planet Hollywood
3667 s. Las Vegas Blvd. 
Las Vegas NV 89109