Old Hollywood Love Affair

Exceptional beauty lives within the walls of the Tower Bar, that signs an affidavit of loyalty to a great love affair by keeping the mystery of old Hollywood alive. 

Women in long black dresses with necks adorned with pearls, and in the their fingers, cigarettes oozing white smoke that glides up towards the ceiling, chit chat with one another about what movie star that is standing at the counter with a young, handsome mysterious man. 

Distinctive cocktail glasses clink while indistinctive laughter fills the room without competing with the baby grand pianos sultry classical jazz. 

Men dressed in Bergdorf’s suits parading their women up and down the red carpet, offer up conversations such as the newly released novel by Harper Lee. And in the corner of the upscale clean and beautifully illuminated bar, sit a group of men aroused in conversation about the vividly descripted murder mystery, ‘In Cold Blood’, by Truman Capote. 

The Tower bar is a place where you can reminisce on the glamourous old Hollywood, while at the same time, create your very own secrets when sitting at the fireplace. 

With 80 seats and an incredible view of the Los Angeles skyline, The Tower’s French-American cuisine, sits in the very same room as Bugsy Siegel’s old apartment. If only those gorgeous walnut paneled walls could talk, oh what a story they would tell. 

Today, The Tower Bar is just as stunning as it was back in the day. Green olives swim in dry martinis and love is trapped in champagne glasses as they float across the room in the hands of today’s young and inspired chic guest-list. 

Vintage sultry background music respectfully plays as the up-dos of yesterday have become, long and short fun hairstyles of today. 

Locally grown fresh ingredients, sets the Tower where it belongs, on the first floor but high in elegance and above the rest, with a menu that even Bugsy would approve. 

If you want to play grown-up and still have a great time while creating wonderful memories or secrets, visit The Tower Bar, in the Sunset Tower Hotel, today. 

Tower Bar

8358 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069