Top 3 Most Sold Cocktails in the World

You would think that with all of the new cocktails dreamt up by some of the best Mixologists from all over the world, that the classic cocktails of yesteryears would fade away and be gone with, being replaced by cocktails that have multiple layers of color, flavors and titles that some, frankly have no idea what they are. 

Based on your cocktail bar drinking experience, some may desire to party with the new wave of beautifully colored cocktails made by handsome bartenders wearing an argyle vest, sporting gleaming smiles, gorgeous hair and cunning dimples. However, there are still a group of young and older cocktailers who love to sip on an old-school classic that maintains its’ title as one of the most sold cocktails in the world.


#3 Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre!, Cuba Libre!, Cuba Libre!, crowds would chant with signs and Cuban flags held high above their heads with pride. With political changes and the revolution at their doorsteps in the 1950s, this cocktail helped Cubans to never forget their struggle. 

Meaning, ‘Free Cuba’, this sultry colored liberator is basically Dark Rum and Coke. You can order this cocktail using either name. 

Today as well as yesterday, men and women go dancing with the Cuba Libre in mind. Men puff on cigars in one hand and a Cuba Libre in the other. Some enjoy the simplicity of the cocktail on a warm summer day lounging by the pool or a cool night sitting around a fire. With a squeeze of lime, Cuba Libre is the third best veteran cocktail in the world. 

#2 Screwdriver

American Engineers, when taking a break from a long hot summer day’s hiatus, took their ten minutes sitting on a scaffold or wherever their break-time left them when the twelve o’clock whistle blew, would entertained themselves by telling jokes about practically anything that would make the day go by faster. 

The Engineers, from time to time, to get the old monkey off their backs, snuck in a bottle of vodka which had been hidden in their lunch boxes underneath the spam sandwich and chips. They would pass around the bottle of vodka, pour a few gurgles into their little cans of orange juice that their wives had packed, and while not having any utensils and certainly not a spoon, they swirled the drink round and round with a screwdriver, yes literally a screwdriver. Hence the name. 

The Screwdriver is the second most sold cocktail in the world. As bright as the sun the Screwdriver is delicious with a great story to boot. 

#1 Bloody Mary

This gorgeous red-orange spicy gal is the top selling cocktail around the world. There are many variations for preparing malady and Bartenders and Mixologists have delightfully taken this cocktail to higher levels by adding their very own flavor and creativity. Making a Bloody Mary cocktail to them, is like poetry, each and every ingredient has to be recited just right. 

The Bloody Mary has been credited for curing hangovers. Now, whether that is a placebo or not, she has reached the top of the chart for cocktail lovers everywhere. 

Be it a morning drink to cure the party-blues or an anytime drink for the pure joy of the spicy taste and flavors, coming in at number one, Miss Bloody Mary maintains her crown as the Queen of cocktails all over the world. 

Recipe most used; Vodka, Tomato Juice, Lemon Juice, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, dash of Tabasco sauce, dash of salt and pepper, garnished with a stem of celery and slice of lime. One Bloody Mary, coming up! 

Whether you love old or new school, red or blue cocktails, we say stay happy
and drink responsibly. 

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