Glamour Kisses WHIMSY

by Way of Mother Nature


There is no greater joy than to spend an afternoon in your wedding dress, with the company of the most talented and skilled lady of them all-Our Mother Nature.

The dress was donated from the Stalletto Wedding Dress Collection for an exclusive Stalletto Photoshoot collaboration with Photographer Keith Friedle and Seamstress/Artist/Designer Jennifer Nobbe for the sole purpose of Stalletto's Summer 2017 “Flowers” themed magazine issue.

The dress was partially torn apart and redesigned with each flower hand sewn by the artist, which took over a 3 month period to complete.




Glamour should be effortless








Whimsy should be adorable


In this Stalletto Exclusive, we wanted to bring out the whimsical side of Glamour. A beautiful young lady simply wearing a designer gown adorned by a multitude of beautiful faux chiffon flowers.

Nothing else was necessary, no jewelry, no gloves no accessories, just her beauty and the extraordinary adornment of one of Mother Natures’ most colorful gift, FLOWERS

With a rough but gentle backdrop terrain, we felt it necessary to stick with Mother Nature and all she has to offer.  The Sun, Blue Skies, Rocks, Water, Trees, Dirt as well as all the little creatures and elements not be seen with the naked eye.






Model - Melissa Coder

Photography - KWF Keith Friedle

Location - Hermit Falls San Gabriel Mountains

Designer/Artist - Jennifer Nobbe

Veil Designer - ARB Designs

Hair/Makeup - Miss Bella Vida

Nails - The Polish Bar