The Avocado-is a fruit not a vegetable. It is loaded with a variety of health benefits. Avocados have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that work towards defending a compromised liver and assist in keeping your liver healthy. The Avocado helps ward off liver injury and livers that that have damaged cells. 

The Avocado is called the super fruit for a good reason. It is great for the eyes, the immune system as well as helps the cardiovascular system. It is high in potassium that helps with cholesterol levels. Plus it taste great. Slice Avocados over a salad, or smash up a delicious guacamole. Do your liver a favor, get to know Avocados. 


Garlic-With the liver responsible for filtering out every substance that enters our body, this organ helps maintain blood flow and circulation. The liver also prevents toxic chemicals from harming our bodies. Garlic contains a sulfur compound called Allicin which is an antioxidant substance with numerous benefits to the liver. The antioxidant properties of Garlic keep toxic substances, filtered by your liver, from reaching other organs. 

Garlic is great when turning an ordinary meal into a savory entre’. Use garlic when preparing soups or merely add a small amount to a glass of water once a week. The aroma may be strong, but your liver will love you. 

Turmeric-popular when used as a spice in curry dishes, is also known for its liver protective effects. Your liver converts food to energy, cleaning toxins from your blood. It also producing bile, which is a liquid that aids digestion. Turmeric can also help with inflammation and has been known to assist in the diminishing of acne and lighten skin. 

Add a few dashes of Turmeric to your next meal. You will see that it will brighten up your dish with its brilliant yellow tint, at the same time take your flavors up a notch. Your liver is in love with Turmeric, are you in love with your liver? 

Kale-A happy liver is a good thing. The liver is the one organ that keeps your body clean. Kale is certainly one of the livers most important vegetables of all. A toxic filled liver can cause damage to other organs, such as the brain and the heart. Kale rids your liver of impurities and supplies it with what is needed to run efficiently. Kale is high in potassium and acts as an inflammatory. Kale has also been known to help with heart disease as well as cancer. 

Kale, with its potent taste may take some getting used to. But it will grow on you. Chop Kale up with spinach greens or any of your favorite salad greens, toss with a good vinaigrette or your best dressing, add organic croutons or a mix of raw chopped nuts, golden raisin or any topping you like. Or simmer Kale in with organic vegetable broth, add any other vegetables, plate and top off with a few slivers of fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano. You will find that Kale is your livers’ lover, and it soon will be yours too.