10 Dark Little Secrets

It’s been said and mostly true, that we eat with our eyes. The prettier the food on the plate, the more we want to see what it’s all about. 

Beautiful red meat, yellow corn and green broccoli, or just about any food that can create a picture perfect balance of color, is simply what we find suitable and assume tasty. 

Well, there are no color palates when using foods that are on the darker shade of gray. 

But that doesn’t mean they do not deserve to lie next to the green asparagus, the red tomatoes or even the purple potatoes. Because these foods are just as tasty and have dark little secrets of their own. 


Two chocolate wafers that appear dark in color are filled with crème. 

This dark cookie originated in 1974 by Nabisco and became the number one cookie for children, as well as adults. 


Black cherries are sometimes forgotten that they are a super food and have many health factors such as helping to rid 

insomnia. They are sweet like most cherries and are generally used for making jams, pies and liqueurs, black cherries are mainly grown in North and South America. Did you know that black cherries have compounds that can be converted into cyanide. 


Caramelized and fermented till dark, black garlic has a delicious unique flavor that adds savory to any dish. Commonly used in Asian cuisine. 


Charred with remains from coconut, Black Ice Cream is similar to vanilla in taste. This flavor gained it’s popularity on Instagram from the creator at Morgenstern's Famous Ice Cream in New York 

Black corn-poporn.jpg


Known as “Aztec Corn” Black Corn is grown as an heirloom in South Mexico. Although dark in color, this corn has a clean sweet flavor. 

Black pudding-meat.jpg


This delicious dinner or breakfast meat, is a blend of blood sausage pork and several additional parts of the pig as well as many ingredients that are mixed together to give this meat it’s unique spicy flavor. Black Sausage is common in Great Britain. 



Black icing is generally is buttercream mixed with black food coloring. Commonly used for Halloween, 

many Foodies glamorized this treat by adding silver or gold edible flowers, then making it a treat for an adult cocktail party. 


Licorice is made from the root of the licorice plant and by adding gelatin, gum Arabic, starch, sugar binders, beeswax for shine and molasses that gives licorice its black color. 

It’s unique taste may take some time to acquire. 


Famous for it’s Russian recipe that is generally enjoyed in cold winter months. Black Bread is made with dark rye, molasses and flour. Although delicious to eat, be careful as to how many slices you intake for this bread is also well known for it’s high calorie content. 


Know as “Apple Butter” Black Butter contains no butter and it is not actually black. 

It is made with apples and cider that is cooked till dark in color. This color is so dark that it appears black and so thick it looks like butter. Black Butter is great for toast on any type of bread.