Take a Bow to the Mighty Lemon

Let’s not sell the lemon short. This sour fruit, native to Asia, has more nutritional value than meets the rind. 

13 Reasons you should include lemons in your daily life. 

1-Lemons helped treat scurvy on ships of the early settlers. 

2-Great with herbs and vegetables 

3-Adds freshness to beverages 

4-Has protein, high in vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and many other nutrients 

5-Can help with the immune system especially during the cold months 

6-Decreases the risk of Diabetes 

7-Decreases the risk of heart disease 

8-Decreases the risk of obesity 

9-Increases overall health 

10-Can assist in lightening skin 

11-Can help get dishes cleaner 

12-Can help get stains out of clothes 

13-Can leave a gentle refreshing smell in laundry