Eternal Beloved

With elbows on my knees, chin sitting in my hands and my feet bare, my loosely fitted white cotton dress drooped in sadness. I sat on the third step of the porch to the tattered vacant Victorian house. The sun was setting and I could feel the breeze as it made its way under my dress and in-between my legs as it gently kissed my thighs.

I held my head back and looked up to the heavens and wondered if the stars could feel the hardship of my soul.

The night became gray and the clouds intruded its’ beauty as tears came spiraling down the sky like little knives from Inkosazana.

I felt him touch my hair without him being there as I ran in from the night and entered the old house that squeaked and smelled of a forgotten life.

I could hear the voices of the ladies who once giggled as they danced in their extravagant ball gowns and the gents as they flattered themselves with hopeful lust from oblivion.

The walls sang a song of sorrow and the floors moved to the sound of the violin. I turned round and round in circles with sinful thoughts in my head and with my hands out to my side as if reaching out trying to capture an empty life, I lifted my head up to the ceiling and watched as the crystal chandelier swayed to the rhythm of my heart.

The rats danced around in little steps and whistled to the tune of souls that had now been forgotten. The spiders crawled out and into the light carrying their prey and scurried across the floor in harmonious delight.

I heard a noise outside the old house and ran to the window and slowly push back the shabby curtains and in the midst of all my delight he stood all alone as if abandoned by god with his clothes soaked beyond repair and in silent despair he called out my name.

My heart took a bow and my breast perked up with joy and I sympathetically allowed my venus to become filled with lust. And the moisture of my excitement pursued me with discomfort but the thrill of his presence overrated my awareness to the level of enlightenment.

As if I were a femme fetal I opened the large weary door and let the cold air take me by surprise and with no sound from my voice and with help from the angels of bravado I begged him to enter.

His beauty was astounding and my pondering mind became exhilarated and I wanted to touch where he sins and as if I was Aphrodite’s’ herself I reached out to comfort his dismay.

I removed his soiled clothes and let them drop to the floor and it no longer swayed to the beat but rested upon the pleasure of my new arrival. And weather can be unforgiving so I undressed the myth of his being and let his bareness arouse my rose and as if nature intended with one thump of my heart his breath became my breath as he stood in my presence with all the gifts from the parlors of perfection.

My lust was apparent and my heart is no longer in fear as I put my hand on his face and caress the transparencies of his de-sires. My mouth opened with attention and his heart molded into gentleness as I entered his silk wetness with persistence.

His body shook in pure acceptance and his work of art gave a twitch so I accompanied it with my embrace and at that moment said hello to my forbidden love.

He sighed with delight and moaned out to his joy of fulfillment and I disregarded his cry and like a temptress in the jungle en-cumbered his world. He cried out to the arch that covers the earth an uncontrollable secret and begged for my forgiveness for I was his sin and his heart would surely never release me.

His weakness was dishonest and his mind no longer strong so I lowered him to the floor and the rats did a slow dance and the chandeliers crystals winked and gave me the sign of sweet remembrance of love from long, long ago and the memories of the old house have been renewed and my reason of compassion has betrayed my mind so I hover over his body and take his manhood into my mouth and with all my might I inhale his power and all the stars above remember my name and call out to me in the night and it is no longer raining and I want to take him into my tomb so I sit upon his power and slowly let him intrude my womb and as the Angel is my witness I am never turning back and he is my love and I am his sin and as the moon crosses the sun he gives me all his honey and with all his might holds me deep into his ardor and as if the old house has locked the doors and protected me from the universe I hold him tight and feel his flow and I will never let him go for he is my eternal beloved.


Khamera R.