Passion Interdite

Her Discomfort

Hungry and exhausted, I searched for a place to sleep. The wind had a chill and the debris and trash from the nearby dumpster flew pass me. The wind howled as if offering up a dreadful warning and threw my body hard to the ground. 

A candy bar wrapper flew haphazardly through the air and hit me in the face. I could hear the flickering of the foiled paper as it stuck to my red lips. 

I lowered my head and held onto the ground trying to keep my balance. It took everything I had to remove the wrapper. 

I licked my lips and could taste chocolate. At that point all I could imagine, was the germs I had just encountered. 

The night was dark and not my friend and through all of my misery with my soul feeling of despair, I wondered if I would ever taste his mouth again. 

My hair stung as it whipped around and covered my eyes. I could feel the sting and pain on my hands from scrapping across the cement. 

The wind whistled a lovely but eerie tune as the trees danced to its recital and I reviewed my position with the upmost dismay and with all my might and the trembling of my soul, I wondered if his blue eyes would ever touch my heart once more. 

Blood dripped from my knuckles and my red dress was saturated with dirt and disgust while soaking wet from the water that gushed out of the yellow fire hydrant that appeared as if someone had chopped off its head. 

My foot was twisted backwards with one black Stalletto hanging on for dear life, and the other thrown off in the distance with a broken heel. 

I sat there hunched over on the cold pavement as the moon kissed the stars and cast a shadow of my silhouette that somehow reflected an odd shape that resembled a wild animal. 

Tears formed and trickled down my cheeks as I softly whimpered and began self-pity. And as the irritating abundance of noise echoed in the night, and the rhythm of my self-respect dribbled away with the sounds of transient dogs barking in the far off distance, I wondered if the sun will shine tomorrow.