Paving the way to saving the planet one upcycle at a time.
DIY at it's best

Let’s face it, walking into a thrift store can be less than pleasing. Most of the time they smell funny and the haphazard look of the building and setup, makes you think twice about sanitation. You start to judge the whole idea of buying clothing from thrift stores, as one who is desperately needy and poor. So, you turn around and walk back out of the door. Oh, but wait a minute! Did you actually think you were going to walk into Macys or Bergdorfs? No, you did not, so you turn back around, and with an open mind, go back in and do what you went there to do in the first place; find clothing you can upcycle or refashion, or better yet, wear right off the rack, as seen in Stalletto Magazine.


Upcycling-Refashion; What does that really mean?
Well, it’s as if your old clothing has been thrown into the big blue recycle ben, taken to the curb on trash day for the trash man to pick up and dumb somewhere far, far away. Those clothing items then join other clothing on top of a huge mound in the graveyard of unwanted and undesired worn items. However, sometimes those clothing's have a chance at an afterlife and are donated to stores all around the country; thrift stores. The badly worn items get tossed in the trash and the items with sustainable life are recycled back into the stores and onto the racks for you to buy and upcycle or refashion.


Be revolutionized by taking those clothing items from their original look into another realm of existence. You can add fur to an old leather jacket, add lace to the bottom of a blouse, cut off the bottom of a dress and turn it into a blouse. Today, people are just as creative as some of the top designers. And that is because instead of building fashion from scratch, they upcycle something that already exist with their imagination working overtime in order for the item to look smart and refashioned. 


Becoming economically aware, has inspired people to become creative as well as to help the world become a better place to live. You get two-for-one. Being eco-fashionable, is the in thing. More and more people today are finding ways to become-green, organically aware, eat healthier, recycle etc. So why not be economically responsible and fashionable all at the same time. 


Fashion runways, have exhibited such upcycled clothing as part of their way of incorporating old pieces of clothing as vintage or classic, to keep their heritage alive. Redress Raleigh, holds an annual fashion show featuring styles from extraordinarily creative and innovative designers, using upcycled clothing in their collection. You can find some of these designers in books such as, Refashioned by Sass Brown. 


Zass Designs (a mother and daughter team) has a jewelry line that is beautifully designed out of unwanted materials, such as metals and plastics. There are designers using upcycled denim to make handbags or Little Grey Line that takes mens old shirts and turns them into clothing for children. Even college students from North Carolina State University, uses T-shirts refashioned into wedding dresses.Be inspired to shop at thrift stores and create wonderful ensembles, as seen in Stalletto Magazine, or by buying thrift store clothing and upcycling or refashioning, using your very own creativity. Shop thrift and vintage stores and make the world a better place to live, by staying in upcycled and refashioned economical style.