Beatnik to Hipster. What are they talking about, and who are these people? From the 1930s, but more prevalent in the 60s, (then Beatnik) to now (Hipster) you may have been in contact with one and never even have known it. 

When was the last time you had a conversation with a young man dressed in plaid shirt, maybe a bowtie, jeans and black square glasses.? Or a young woman sporting messy but adorable sexy hair under a black hat and skinny jeans? Did you happen to notice that that individual was smart as a tack and can go on for hours conversing about philosophy, the internet and social awareness without blinking, then on to music and culture, without taking a breath or a hiccup? Did you happen to notice that that individual throughout the course of a few minutes, seemed independently comfortable with his/her style and self-being? Well, you may have been talking to a Hipster.

Hipsters are made up of men and women in their 20s and 30s, who seem to have a mind-set of their own. As well as making fashion statements with a comfort level of being who they are, and without worrying about what society deems right or wrong, they basically write their own rules. And while intelligent as they are, you may not truly understand who you are dealing with.

From art, music, style and brains, we seem to sell the Hipster short. Why? Because simply speaking, some of us just don’t get it or for the most part, don’t pay attention. 

Hipsters, men and women, make up a larger part of our younger adult society than we realize. They associate independence with their “Out of the box” approach to a lifestyle. They are stylish and while having the capabilities of shopping at high-end department stores, they tend to veer towards thrift stores and other discount stores. They love the creativity and challenge of bringing their own style to life. And where else can you become non-average, other than thrift stores. 

Hipsters are in a category of their own, because they are well aware that they have paved the way to a unique way of living. 

While listening to, rock, techno and some rap, to name a few, this group of society are as open minded as they come. They have deconstructed and influenced critical thinking and a way of life that simplifies “cool”. 

You will find that a number of Hipsters love art or is an artist or in a band. That comes with loving the urban subculture as well as living what the urban subculture has to offer. Hipsters love the atmosphere that they have adopted-yet recreated, and enjoy being around Hipsters just like themselves within that atmosphere. It’s their world and if you want in well, you may have to convert. 

Are you a Hipster?