Combining Thrift Store Fashion with Vintage Style

Shopping at a thrift store can be quite different than shopping at a vintage store. Although at times they have a few things in common, doesn’t mean you will get the same experience out of either store. In terms of clothing, a thrift stores main purpose is to sell at a discount, items that have been worn and owned by someone else. And while not leaving any guarantee that those clothing items belong to any particular style and/or trend, you may find that shopping at thrift stores can be rewarding. Thrift stores offer a variety of clothing for men and women that can fit your everyday needs. You may also be lucky to find items that date back to the yesteryears. 

Searching for vintage clothing at thrift stores can be challenging. But shoppers have proven that it is extremely common to find clothing from the past at thrift stores, if you look hard enough. Depending on what era you desire, may determine whether you belong at a thrift store or a vintage shop. Or maybe both.

A vintage shop or boutique for the most part pertains to and carries clothing items that derive from a certain, if not many eras and even genres. Generally the shop/boutique owner will organize the clothing by the time periods’ style. However if that is not the case, you may have to bring your “A” game of vintage knowledge along for the task. 

Keep in mind, that not all vintage shops sell clothing at a discounted price when comparing to thrift stores. And that is where your challenge begins. Because vintage clothing is considered a love of a cherished past. In reference to style, you may find the price ticket a bit higher. But don’t fret. You will get your style satisfaction. 

Combining thrift store clothing with vintage clothing can be exciting. If you find a $2 blouse or skirt at the thrift store (that is not vintage) and you pair it with a 1920’s hat and pair of shoes, or a 1940s dress and gloves with a pair of shoes from today, you may find that you have just hit the style ball right out of the park. The eras do not necessarily have to be the same. 

Many movie stars and fashionistas love to explore creating their very own mix and match approach to style. But be careful, you don’t want to be out in left field with too much of one and not enough of the other. Balance your style creativity so it makes the presentation and statement you intended. 

And although it is said in art, “there are no mistakes”, there can be fashion faux pas. So be style smart. Thrift store finds with vintage shop style, can be a match made in fashion heaven.