Fashion Week 2015


Cameras flashing, rows and rows of the rich and the famous, from designers to movie stars, cool music-mix of rock, rap and hip hop thumping loud, and extremely tall, extremely beautiful models walking down a twenty foot runway in the middle of it all; you are at Fashion Week.

Fashion Week is the largest showcase for designers all over world, such as; New York, Pairs, London, and Milan, where veteran and new designers spend hours upon hours with teams sometimes as large as 100, preparing for a ten minute spotlight, hoping to gain respect and publicity for their brand and their upcoming seasons’ collection.

Hand sewn silk flowers to gold embroidered ribbon, to diamond studded floor length gowns, these designs are exquisitely stunning with a price tag most of us cannot afford. For the cost of a small car, you might be able to buy a single blouse and if you’re lucky, a designer bag. And although these designs are worth every penny, they are out-of-range for most of us.

Hold on to your dreams, because with imagination and a bit of ingenuity, you can dress like a runway model. Photographic memory is a rare condition where one recalls almost perfectly, what they have seen, even if only for a few moments. These individuals sit in the runway audience studying and locking into their memory banks, every detail of the designers’ runway fashions. They run back to their labs, put everything down on paper, hand it over to the sewers and within days, you have a designer inspired dress, with some-what of an affordable price tag. Well sometimes, even those prices are too high. But, we have an even better solution.

Dressing like a designer runway model can be fun. Be inspired by the how the outfits are put together and trot your imagination down to the thrift or vintage shop. Each outfit does not have to be exactly like the designs you fell in love with on the runway. Examine the outfit from head to toe and do what the designers do. Add a wide belt around your waist, mix prints, and strut a pair of knee high boots. How about a ivory colored pencil skirt, and ruffled dark purple short sleeved silk blouse, large accessories, fingerless gloves and ankle boots. They do it, why can’t you. Designers make it look hard, when in fact it is as simple as pie.

You may not be able to afford designer runway fashions, so we encourage you to tune in to fashion week videos. With a pencil and pad, you may not have photographic memory, but you can jot down what you see. Stay tuned to, where we will keep you abreast of how to be designer runway fashion savvy. Follow us for Fashion Week runway show schedule. We will inspire you. Fashion Week 2015 BE DESIGNER RUNWAY FASHION SAVVY