Celebrity Vintage Style

From High Fashion to Torn Jeans; Sexy-Rihanna Style

Be it new or old, from thrift store to vintage store, even the famous love to wear vintage style. Today and for a long time now, a lot of heavy hitter designers are recreating the look of the yesteryears to fulfill their portfolio of everlasting style. In doing so, they reminisce fashion in a new way that compliments old ideas. 

Rihanna a 5’8” long legged mogul hip-hop artist from Barbados, has been the face of Vogue, Elle, GQ and many other iconic fashion magazines, wearing vintage style from beautiful designers such as Chanel. With the combination of the islanders’ beauty and the designs from such a huge fashion house, makes you wonder if you can re-create this look on a budget. 

Rihanna has been known to walk about town in torn designer jeans and a cut-off T-shirt, which can easily be replicated. With her opened minded approach to her unique style, she pulls off a tossed look as if it were a million bucks. So can you. 

Add a mid-drift faux fur jacket or a long flowing light-weight sweater and you will surely make your mark as one who wears celebrity style well. Do like the celebrity icons do and be fearless in your style imagination. Rihanna has a no-holds-bar to fashion. She struts her stuff and the cameras follow. So get-ta-stepping girls!

Shop till you drop at some of your higher-end Vintage shops and you are most likely to find designer named high fashion style that fits your budget. Or you can pick up a T-shirt or tank and even torn jeans at the local thrift or vintage shop that carries loads of both.

But if you really want that “Rihanna” look, make sure you visit a vintage shop or thrift store that has a large selection of everything, from dressy-dress to low down dirty comfy, sexy style.

So get out there and play dress-up, high fashion or casual comfortable style. Then step out with an attitude onto the town looking absolutely Rihanna fabulous!

Here are a couple of shops we recommend:

Hidden Treasures

154 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Topanga, CA

Jet Rag

825 N. La Brea Ave
Hollywood, CA