Colorful Katy Perry

Dictating Vintage Style with a Roar

Young women all over the world are adopting the stunning but colorful and sometimes a bit eccentric fashion ensembles of the beautiful singer Katy Perry. She is a show-stopper in many ways. She has touched on a style that by far steps out of bounds from what is called “everyday fashion’ behavior. And as bubbly as she is, she takes her stage and personal style presence to heart.

From a red and white vintage polka dotted dress to a black pencil skirt and conservative vintage silk blouse, and all the way to a cutie pie 1950s two piece bathing suit, Miss Perry has spilled over into the lane of fashion stardom. She paves the highway to looking over the top stylish using vintage fashion as a way to corner the market and promote her brand. 

Many women follow in her style footsteps by shopping at thrift and vintage stores, looking for that eclectic style that Katy Perry has to offer. You won’t find this style and any department store around the corner no, you have and must go to thrift shops that offer up vintage and classic fashions’ or to a vintage shop that sells primarily clothes from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s.  

That is the beauty of it all. Shopping at thrift stores and vintage stores is not just a fad, it has become “A way of life”. Thousands of men and women shop at alternative stores such as these every day. Stars like Katy Perry have shown us that it is A-Okay to bring back the good-old-days with fun and flare. And why not? Isn’t life serious enough? 

Be free and colorful and have fun shopping at thrift and vintage shops, with Katy Perry on your mind!

Perfect for the Katy Perry look:

Golyester (Vintage Clothing)

450 S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA