for she's a lady

Thrift Store Style
Simple creative sophistication

For classic sophisticated and creative style, start with mixing patterns and textures. The soft cotton vintage collarless pastel green and white softly ribbed blouse is embellished with gold buttons that lay flat and snug against the fabric once buttoned up.

The no collar allowed us to add a three string pearl necklace that flows with the outline of the blouse. We decided to add orange and green vintage clamp-on earrings to pick up on the accent colors you see in the orange vintage hat, the orange scarf wrapped around her wrist, the orange Anne Klein watch and the actual orange we placed in her hand for a whimsical affect.

The pleated brown white paisley trimmed skirt felt right when purposely adding a contrasting print. The small green accent lines in the skirt made the pairing acceptable.

We added a purse of current trend with completely different patterns to show that style can be as creative and diverse as you want it to be, as long as you keep it simple.

We tied the whole outfit together with beautiful brown suede loafers that surely spell feminine, classic style with a twist. As a whole this outfit screams sophisticated lady.