Vintage Suits, Cigars, Whiskey & Beautiful Women, Don’t Live without

A Stalletto Man

"Wow", was all that could be mustered up for the beauty I saw standing in the shadows across the room. Other thoughts entered my mind but at that moment only two stood out; who was she and what was she doing here? 

This is no place for a lady, but the way she puffed on that Lonsdale made me think, she was a lady all right, but whose lady was she?

The long tight satin dress flowed down her body as If she were a fine Glenfiddich whiskey. And vintage suits, cigars, whiskey and woman I like. No, I love and cannot live without.

Without delay, strutting in my vintage Giorgio Armani suit, covered by cashmere trench coat,  I made my way over to her. With a tilt of my 1970s Stetson Tacoma Fedora, I softly brushed the side of her cheek with the back of my hand and said, “Doll, I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

Are you a Stalletto Man?

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