Faux Animal Print Fashion

The Cheetah, grazing in the African jungle, is the fastest land animal in the world. It bares black spots all over its tan body, as if someone took the time to distinctively hand stamp each one.

Black on white, white on black, the Zebra, a single hoofed creature with stunning stripes, that appear as if they were painted by Matisse himself, gather in large groups to socialize as well as protect one another from harm.

The Leopard, with its’ beautiful rosette patterns that seem to be artistically and methodically placed, patiently rests high up on a tree limb, ready at any moment to pounce on its’ prey with the upmost stealth known to any large cat.

These cats are the epitome of beauty. The magnificent patterns that naturally flow across their bodies can never be truly replicated. So with regard and with the utmost respect to these beautiful creatures, we invite you on an adventure to ‘Faux Animal Print Fashion’.

Coming this Winter...