Fall Maple Leaf Inspiration

It’s time to be incredibly amazing. And that is exactly what takes place when Maple trees enter into their dormant period in the fall. With the temperatures and other weather conditions, dictating what color the leaves will actually become, the transformation in itself is nature’s gift to us all. 

Fall Maple Leaf Inspiration

Drive along a highway and enjoy the many rows of bushy beauties with their extremely vivid red, yellow, purple and orange leaves. Then seize the moment. 

If Maple trees change their colors for the season, so should you. Ladies, it’s time to Fall into color and hues of the season. Reach up and pick from the maples, and you can create fun exotic fall shades. 

Dare others to look you in the eyes. Hypnotize them with well-balanced colors of orange, red, brown and greens from Mother Nature and they will dive deep into the soul of your beauty. 

Create simple soft alluring eyes for when you want to keep the come-hither affect at the office or dinner when the lights are dimmed low, and you desire to reel him in with shades of warm taupe and brown lids, dark lined eyes and incredibly soft orange, matte lips. 

Stalletto Tips: Eye Contact-Lip Sync 

Bring out your big beautiful eyes with, burgundy, dark rich orange, gray and maybe even green. Blending is crucial. You must be sure that every color, although screaming for individual attention, plays well with others. The colors have to flow into one another or your lovely eyes with look disconnected. 

Dark eyeliner anchors and ties all the rich shades together. But don’t add too much, you don’t want to end up looking like a vampire. So in this case ‘less is more’. Be very sure you do not forget to evenly apply and blend your eyeliner to the top and bottom of the eye-lids. And then, if you want to be extremely creative, add the same colors and shades, from the top lid to underneath the eye. Again, blend carefully. 

Long eyelashes flopping up and down seems very sexy, but when they are too long, others tend to stare at your eyelashes instead of listening to your incredibly captivating conversation. So make sure falsies are appropriate for your eyes and the makeup you have applied. And of course the occasion. Don’t go overboard. Sometimes short and thick versus long and lanky, can be a good thing. 

Give your lips the ultimate sex appeal they deserve. Go dark, but be very careful to stay within the realm of your own lip shape. If you have thin lips, keep your colors rich but not dark. Dark thin lips seem to disappear. Use a good lip-liner and fill in with rich colors such as, orange and reds that add fullness. And ladies, a big no-no is to draw outside your natural lip line. It just doesn’t look appealing. Embrace your thin lips and make them proud. 

For fuller lips, well the game is all yours. However you still have to remember not to go too far. Full lips can actually be a bit more challenging because if overdone, they tend to stand out too much. You don’t want people to see your lips coming, you want them to see you and your beautiful full lips and a well-balanced face walking over to greet them. 

However we all know that full lips are most desired and there is no-holds-bar to what color you can wear. We still say, stay within the lip lines and if going dark and bold with fall colors such as purple, burgundy, red, and dark orange (depending on your skin color) make sure you do not over do the application. 

Enjoy the colors of Fall and let them guide you through the season. You look lovely! 

Brands that carry great fall eye and lip colors: 






Estee Lauder 



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And many hi-end and local department stores.