10 Why Dont You's

  1. Why don’t you dress up in a black and white polka dots and go out to lunch, alone? 
  2. Why don’t you vintage shop for a whole month? 
  3. Why don’t you wear long red leather gloves everywhere you go for ten days? 
  4. Why don’t you wear a red Dahlia flower in your hair every day for a week? 
  5. Why don’t you add curls to your hair, put on a pencil skirt, a vintage hat and pearl earrings, then go grocery shopping? 
  6. Why don’t you paint your fingernails like fishnets, but don’t actually wear any? 
  7. Why don’t you put on white lace panties and nothing else and run around the house for ten minutes? 
  8. Why don’t you put on a rock and roll cd and jump up and down on the bed to the entire song, wearing absolutely nothing? Hold on to the goodies! 
  9. Why don’t you take a train ride, anywhere? 
  10. Why don’t you adopt a pet and name it after you favorite fruit? 

 Get busy living-