“Isn’t Jack attractive?” she yells waving her arms over her head in a crowded theater. Her walk is quick and her touch, soft and endearing. As she gracefully manipulates you with her ideas of life’s psychological philosophies, she smiles and invites you to dinner. Her face is oddly beautiful and stern, her hair not a strand out of place. She bends down to light the tipped menthol stick, while at the same time waiting for the handsome gentlemen from across the room to run over and light it for her. And with the style of the Dapper Lady that she was, the entire world beckoned her attention. She, was Diana Vreeland. 


September 23, 1903 – August 22, 1989

“You’ve gotta have style. It wakes you up in the morning, it helps you get down the stairs at night. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody”. -Diana Vreeland

The lovely, magical, iconic Diana Vreeland was said to have created the very first job of ‘Fashion Editor’. Never having any real academic training in fashion, Diana Vreeland became the most creative Fashion Director working for Harpers Bizarre and Vogue 

Diana Vreeland was simple and direct with an approach and philosophy on life and fashion that became more quotable than Oscar Wilde. She was a legend and the Queen of style. She went with her gut feeling and creative imagination to show the world what fashions and style should be. “Don’t be boring”, she would instill in others when describing how she wanted the next magazine issue to be. 

Mrs. Vreeland refused to walk the straight line of fashions. She was a dapper lady and dressed to the nine, and left nothing out of place. She loved makeup, jewelry and cigarettes. She even modeled herself from time to time. She was eccentric and stunning at the same time. She was one to be reckoned with. 

She would say that she was not a beautiful women, but yet it all depended on one’s view on beauty. Using models with unconventional good looks, she searched for men and women who were unique. Her philosophy was to take the one thing that most would say was unattractive and accentuate it, turning it into the most beautiful thing about them. 

She turned the big eyes of Cher into windows of the sky, Barbra Streisand, with her large curved nose, became Nephritides the Queen of Nile and in the 1960s, Twiggy hit the fashion world by storm to become an overnight sensation, thanks to Mrs. Vreeland ingenious vision. 

Diana Vreeland was famous for her “Why don’t you’, column that she introduced to the world in 1936 in Harper’s Bazaar. It was so powerful, that women all over the world anticipated the next issue just to read her column. 

Stalletto is a huge fan of Diana Vreeland, therefore we have adopted our very own, “Why don’t you’ that will be featured on our website every month. And like Diana Vreeland, we will shock you with inspiration! 

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