Do You Know Your Super Models?

6 Super Models from 1950s – 1960s 

The fashion industry features hundreds of beautiful models every day. In the 1940s, there was no such thing as a Super Model. In the early 1950s the title slowly crept into the fashion industry as the title given to a model that; was most photographed, most famous and highest paid. Hence the ‘title-Super Model’ began. Here are a few Stalletto picks. 

Betty Brosmer (Betty Weider) 

Betty Brosmer, wow was she a beauty! Betty was a voluptuous busty model, with an hour glass figure that could stop any clock. She was considered the first Super Model from 1950-1960 and was featured on the cover of over 200 various Magazines such as; People Today 1954, Photo Play 1958 and Rogue 1958 and 1959, just to name a few. Sometimes compared to Marilyn Monroe, Betty Brosmer was the epitome of a sexy woman, and held her title as one of the highest paid models of her time. 

China Machado

China (born in China) was the first non-Caucasian to be featured on the cover of a major Fashion magazine. China with her long limbs and long curvy nose, and extremely long black hair, was not considered beautiful or beautiful enough. Fashion photographers refused to work with her. China had difficulty (like most non-Caucasian models in the 50s and 60s) landing a modeling career, due to her ethnicity and unique looks. 

China landed a job under Diana Vreeland and was photographed by the famous fashion photographer-David Avedon and under the guidance of the Fashion Director icon from Harpers Bizarre and Vogue, Diana Vreeland, China was featured in the 1959 Harpers bizarre, where Miss Vreeland accentuated the negative and turned China into the most beautiful exotic woman to be featured in a fashion magazine. 

Nena Von Schlebrugge 

Nena, Nena, Nena! Nena with her perfect little nose and pouty lips, became the face that every photographer wanted to photograph. and every stylist wanted to dress. Although born in Mexico, Nena portrayed idealistically, the face that photographers and fashion editors believed the world wanted to see, and they were right. 

Discovered by Vogue in 1955 at the tender age of 14, the Vogue team groomed and trained her to soon become the top model of Vogue and Harpers Bizarre, at the age of 17. 

Clean, refreshing good looks, gave Nena the edge she needed to sky rocket her modeling career to the top. She became one of the most photographed model of her time. Did you know Nena Von Schlebrugge, is Uma Thurmans mother? 

Twiggy (Leslie Lawson) 

This big-eyed wonder had a unique, girlish fresh look that made everyone smile when they saw her face graced the television screens and the covers of one of the most famous magazines in the world, ‘Vogue’. 

Born in the U.K. began modeling at the age of 18, in Japan, France and the Us and soon became this cute, pop culture iconic British Super Model, to appear on the covers of Italy, France and U.S. Vogue in 1967. 

Twiggy had the look that not only British teens wanted, but teens all over the world longed for and wanted nothing more than to look and duplicate that innocent, cheerful style that Twiggy had to offer. Big eyes, short bobbed haircut and a cute little dance she enjoyed while listening to 'Jimmy Mack, the 1960s hit by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Twiggy soon became a worldwide phenomenon. 

Veruschka Von Lehnolorff

A strapping 6’3” model from Germany caught the eye of Diana Vreeland in 1963. Veruschka had a face that spelled, exotic. She was beautiful in her own right, but she was definitely not the typical beauty of a model at that time, having high cheekbones and extremely deeply set blue eyes. 

Fashion magazines saw Veruschka so apart from all of the other models, they decided she needed her very own spread, featuring her and only her. 

But that wasn’t enough, so the Vogue team created the most epic fashion tale ever told, ‘The Girl’, then later reinvented to be called ‘The Great Fur Caravan’ about woman traveling to Japan to find the love of her life. Vogue urgently needed to find a man 9to portray the lover) that was taller and more exotic that her. the task was difficult in the beginning but they soon found the perfect match. 

Photographed by one of the most famous fashion photographers in the 60s, Richard Avedon, Vogue thrilled their readers with a 26 page spread, starring Veruschka as the Super Model. That issue and story telling layout became the most beautiful fashion spread in the history of Vogue. 

Jean Shrimpton 

What a beauty! Jean Shrimpton had classic good looks that magazines were made for. Long blond hair, blue eyes and a tall slender figure, Jean Shrimpton had the look that all American young woman and girls all over the world, wanted to have. 

Jean’s perfect looks, took her on to the covers of British Vogue, French Vogue and American Vogue, just to name a few. 

Dubbed the ‘Face of the 60s’ Jean Shrimpton was the highest paid model and the most famous model during her career, and in the 1960s considered the most photographed model in the world. She was also named, “Model of The year’, by glamour Magazine in 1963.