Dahlia Aficionado

This Spring or Summer, plant your very own Stalletto garden. The Dahlia is one of our favorites. This flower comes in a multitude of colors and is pleasing to the eye with its’ long stem and showy pedals. Dahlias are stunning and grow fairly easy in full sun. You can even pull the bulbs up after the season is over and save them till next year. Grow them in red, yellow, pink, white, almost any color you can imagine. Mix and match your garden colors or go all out with one shade of orange. The colors are brilliant and will knock your guest off their feet when you proudly show off your garden. You are the Dahlia Aficionado-enjoy! 


1. There are over 42 species of the Dahlia. They come in a multiple colors and hybrids. 

2. The Dahlia was named the national flower of Mexico in 1963. 

3. There can be up to 14 blooms per bulb. 

4. Dahlias can begin to grow in spring and will last all throughout summer. 

5. Dahlias can grow from 12 inches up to 6-8 feet in height. 

6. Most Dahlias do not have a scent. 

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