Tips for Staying Fashionable on City Breaks


 Fashion on the Go: Tips for Staying Fashionable on City Breaks

By: Meg Jerrard

City breaks are always a welcome treat; a great way to break up the year between your main holiday, and enjoy some of the world’s most glittering cities for a day or two. And while comfort is key, there’s no reason you can’t also look stylish. 

So whether you’re heading to Edinburgh, Paris, or Sydney, the following tips will keep you fashionable on your upcoming city break. 

Mix and Match

The key to nailing a city break is to prioritize comfy, but stylish pieces, that you can mix and match into something compact. You don’t need multiple outfits if you’re only traveling for a day or two; travel with a few essential items that don’t go out of fashion, which you can enhance with seasonal pieces. 

For instance, a basic set of black leggings is a great multi-purpose item, wearable with anything. But make sure you’re mixing complimentary colors (and colors that are appropriate for your destination). For instance, mix pastels with pastels, and earth tones with earth tones. When in doubt, stick with neutral colored clothing, or as close to neutral as possible (silver, navy, gray, khaki etc). Remember that black and white will go with anything. 

Rely on Accessories

The biggest secret to staying fashionable on the move is to rely on accessories. These can transform an outfit without a lot of time, effort, or even money.

Jazzing your outfit up with a watch, sunglasses, and some meaningful jewellery will give your basics an extra oomph without taking up too much luggage space. And something simple like a tie or a scarf can take an outfit from drab to fab in zero seconds flat.

A small cross body bag should be sufficient for urban exploration on a city break. These are good for safety, better for your posture, and are oh-so-haute! 

It’s all about Flat Shoes

The key to maintaining a relaxed look is comfort, so you should rely on one or two pairs of flat shoes. Flats can be fashionable with any outfit, whether you’re exploring cobbled streets, hitting up nightclubs, or meeting a date. So choose a versatile pair that matches most outfits (black is always a safe choice). 

Don’t travel with sandals. These hardly ever hold up for a whole day of walking. And while it may be tempting to pack those shiny new shoes that will inevitably give you blisters, leave the heels at home; you’re not remotely fashionable when in visible pain from walking in impractical shoes all day! 

Choose an Easy Hairstyle

How you wear your hair can make or break your overall look, though the last thing you need when you’re on the move is a fussy hairdo. Keeping in mind that you probably won’t have your normal range of hair products to assist you, choose something which is quick and easy, which you know will compliment you. 

Low side ponytails are ideal for city breaks as they look casual, yet chic, don’t get in the way of active movement, and are a great option when there are fewer opportunities to wash or blow it. If you want something more stylish, consider braiding it. 

Check the Weather in Advance

There’s nothing worse than having the weather ruin your look, so make sure you consult the forecast in advance. This will allow you to plan your outfits accordingly, and pack accessories like a compact umbrella, or rain jacket if required. 

But you should also check on the humidity. Singapore for instance often sees up to 96% humidity, and walking for anything more than 10 minutes leaves you looking wilted and damp. Weather is surprisingly one of the things which most travelers take for granted, and people quite often find themselves caught off guard.