The Rockin Rebellion Couple

A Love Story

Introducing Carina Chapman-Rockabilly Beauty and Greg Chapman-Rockabilly Skater, better known as the Rockin Rebellion Couple.

This lovely couple’s passion for retro is seriously all the rage. They have taken their lifestyle and transitioned it into another genre altogether. For the love of the game their playtime never truly ends. Carina and Greg are living the dream, and waking up every day to a brand new world.

Rockabilly Beauty is a pinup girl at heart. She incorporates the rockabilly vibe with the beauty and sex appeal resonated from pinup style.



Rockabilly Skater oozes that bad boy 1950s retro coolness while all along he is quite the gentleman. Together they teamed up to share their love and passion for an era that has reentered their lives over the last twelve years. With over 11,000 Instagram followers, they are surely an inspirational love story.



Corina and Greg have taken their love of the Retro style, another step by decorating their home with the same passion. Their entire home and backyard is all about tropical flowers and Tiki statues, which was designed by yours truly, Rockabilly skater Greg Chapman.



Their love for the beach and tropical islands led them to recreate their home so they can live the dream any time they desire. They have even dedicated one of the rooms to skateboarding. Along with vintage furniture and décor, they dress the part on a day to day basis.  Stalletto applauds and thanks the Rockin Rebellion Couple for sharing their story with us, as they continue to encourage and inspire everyone to follow your dreams, no matter what age.




Carina Chapman - Rockabilly Beauty
Greg Chapman - Rockabilly Skater

The Cottage Charm
Bombshell Kitten Shop
Triple 8
Gentlemen’s Barber Shop



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