Dress - Bitter Root Vintage

Makeup - Belleci Cosmetics

Location - Cap's Oak Street Bar & Grill




A red evening gown is certain to get a woman noticed not to mention the accoutrements of luxe fur and ruby rhinestone earrings. Red is the color that flatters every skin type from the palest alabaster to the darkest ebony. In many Asian cultures a bride chooses to be married in red wedding dresses, since the color symbolizes joy and luck. Perhaps that is one of the fascinations of a red dress. Quite simply, you get lucky
in red. 

While popular in past years, Red has made a vast comeback to today’s trends; you’ll find both celebrities and pin-up enthusiasts wearing a red dress from past decades. Valentino famously made the color red his signature hue which today still fashions a connection to the glamour he presented to the 1940s. 

However, the Golden Age of Cinema has long recognized the power and alluring seduction of red. Think of Vivien Leigh in her scarlet Walter Plunket design from Gone with the Wind in 1939. Travis Beaton, famously outfitted Rita Hayworth in red during the 1940s. 





The 1950s were all about red from Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in matching beaded ruby Travilla’s in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, to Elizabeth Taylor in an ultra-sultry red cocktail dress with a white fox fur. 

Truthfully, a red dress can steal a grown mans heart. Gene Tierney’s red evening dress from the late 1940s simulated a keen sense of seduction with its over-the shoulder design and her highly recognized high cheek bones. What makes any of these dress designs so enthralling? It’s the color Red, of course

What is the ultimate red dress that takes timeless glamour from the 1940s to a current era? Many will say it’s with costume designer Marilyn Vance-Straker, who designed Julia Roberts silk red opera dress for Pretty Woman in 1990. This red dress repre-sented the pinnacle of Roberts character’s progression into a ‘lady’. It’s bright, eye-catching coloration and daring deep v-cut with off the shoulder sleeves, elevates her characters beauty. 

A red gown is not for the faint at heart. It is for the woman who wants to be noticed, remembered and lucky in love. 

Wear red at your own risk. It will cause heads to turn and hearts to skip a beat. As red carries many hues such as Scarlet, Lust and Spanish red, they are all associated with love, passion and power. 

One thing is certain, you will always get noticed as the lady in red.