With courage and for the principles of love and passion, she raises the bar and pushes the limits to flee from the ordinary and the mundane. 

She captures the non-traditional and unconventional vitality of an astonishing imagination. 

She dominates with intelligence and is obliged to the characteristics as not to disguise herself as pretentious. 

She encourages one to rise to the challenge and partake in a personality that is flattering and above board, for nothing is off limits. 

She takes you on an amazing journey with visions of incredible honesty that will take your breath away. 

Her dramatic yet quiet silhouette is purposeful and decisive. 

Upfront and rightfully so, She is striking with tools to create complimentary beauty. 

She is not a color, She is not a hue-She is one of the most powerful and vivacious entities that we have ever laid eyes on. 

She is RED! 








Some colors seduce us, some colors define us. Particularly a color that has exploded into life to become an influence to the whole world. 

Nothing can prepare you for the utter beauty that Red possesses. Most famous of them all, no other color has done so much in revealing beauty, than Red. 

Stalletto reaches beneath the service and into the hidden desires of what Red truly is. 

Uncompromising, Red is sexy, romantic and glamorously passionate. Red is addicting and digs deep into the unconscious liberal spectrum of one’s imagination. 

Red changes the key aspect of emotion that rips out the rules of harmony and expressively searches for its own language. Red is metaphorically inspiring. It’s incredible conviction changes the direction of how we see color.

Stalletto Founder & Editor



Red, Powerfully Glamorous


Hat: Designed By Stalletto
Gloves: Vintage Treasures & Junk
Dress: Vintage Treasures & Junk