The magic of a Red leather jacket is simple. Leather jacket retro style was once all the rage. 

The 1980s-1990s leather trend bombarded department stores that were filled with every leather jacket length, color and style. 

The major stores “Wilson’s House of Suede and Leather, coveted every mall on the West Coast. 

Designers such as: Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Gucci and many additional high-end designers, exploded with Red leather, be it-mini, midi or maxi-length designs for men as well as women, in a world when Michael Jackson and his Red leather jackets, worn in the dynamic music videos ; “Thriller” and “Beat It’, gave everyone a chance or an excuse to run down to the mall to buy a Red leather jacket. Some even duplicated Michael Jacksons entire ensembles. 


The Audrey Hepburn Ivory Faux Fur - Fox Glove Bridal



Red in itself, as we have shown throughout this issue, is sophisticated, sexy, classy and glamorous. There is no end to the dominating factor and beauty that red possesses. 

Adding Red to any fashion ensemble is like adding delicious icing to a cake. The cake is tasty, but without the icing...well you get the metaphor. 

Vintage and even Thrift stores everywhere have loaded their clothing racks with leather coats and jackets. This is because some folks don’t realize the comeback that leather is making, so they donate their mostly unworn and in extremely good condition-leather jackets to the charity stores or sell them at yard sales. 

Smart vintage and retro enthusiastic shoppers, venture on down to those locations to snatch up the gold, either to resell it or keep it for themselves realizing what a great find they had just encountered. 

A Red leather jacket should be a staple in every woman's closet. You can’t go wrong. For those days when you are not quite sure your outfit looks the way you want it to, throw on a red leather jacket and voilà you have just created sophisticated style.