By Doris Hobbs


More than any other color, red tends to evoke a form of psychological authority and awe. When we think about red, it may seem appropriate to do so with the mindset that is heavily influenced by love, achievement and dominance. But it would be a mistake to assume that red only meant these things if only worn as a garment choice. 

While many women adore the scarlet hue as the form of dressing, the glamourous and daring will find it to present fearlessness if worn as their signature color. 

The 1940s was a decade for Red Lipstick. Women’s lips had been dedicated of shades of deep red, brick red, light red, apple red and blue based raspberry reds. This daring beauty statement has always been symbolized as mysterious yet bold. 

Such a pigment choice pairs well with all skin types. Red lipstick combined with red nails is a lifestyle not a trend, which in return continues to exceed any other hue sold. The classic red lip can paint any event in your life with timeless grace, prompting a wondering eye to stop and stare. 


Dress - Bitter Root Vintage




In 1944 Rita Hayworth was the first Hollywood scarlet to turn red lips into a signature look with many other film sirens to follow. 

One of those actresses was funny girl and iconic red head, Lucille Ball in 1947 with her popular sitcom; I Love Lucy, then in later years with blonde bombshell and American sex iconic Marilyn Monroe. 

Perhaps the greatest gift from such a lip color is how it provides a lure of looking feminine while remaining powerful was such a glorious notion, it’s no wonder women started to use red lipstick as a tool to communicate their own self-possession. 

For many of the world’s most intelligent and charismatic women, red lipstick is a source of strength that presents a sign of self assurance of collective confidence. 

Even from the act of applying red lipstick is empowering. By dressing your lips in red, it draws people’s attention to you, especially your mouth, and subsequently,the words that come out of it. 

A significant truth is what red lip-stick says without speaking which is, “I care about how I look.” It’s about making a confident state-ment, without necessarily following a trend. 

I might add that red lips has a mesmerizing effect on men, so carry a luxurious leather set of gloves to swat them away. 




Photographer - Rich Fisher

Red Lips - Belleci Cosmetics

Gloves - Beau Gant Leather

Stockings - Heels and Toes Inc.