Gone is the idea that “Red” is just a color. Combined with any other color, red will always dominate. 

Although venturing into risky territory, red plays fair with other colors by allowing them to take their place in fashion and style, but reminds them to never mistake the fact that she is the one in charge. 


Who is the Lady in the Red shoes? The Red shoes that prance around the dance floor with elegance and grace. The lady with the beautiful feet that slide into the Red shoes, so sexy it becomes the fantasy of every man. 

Long lengthy legs deliciously embraced by silk fishnet stockings makes everyone stop and wish they could touch. 

Who is the lady in the Red shoes? The Red shoes baring thin straps that fasten around the feminine ankles that are perfectly attached to the long legs of the beautiful lady who wears the Red shoes. 

What artistic behavior she expresses with her incredible style that is observed by everyone she encounters. Her poetic dominance creates a theatrical appeal when she greets each guest as if she were a beautiful wild anemone. 



Red Shoes-model-website.jpg



Who is the lady in the Red shoes? Moving like a Duchess in jewels, glancing here and there, while breaking hearts with every head that turns her way. 

Gently expressive with a sense of awareness, her demeanor is that of class and sophistication. 

Who is the lady in the Red shoes? She is a divine object of desire, keen on fashion with the reality and knowledge about the importance of wearing Red shoes. 

She is inspiration that bequeaths to us a wonderful imagination that dominates creativity and encourages us to move amongst a foundation that partakes in motivation for us to become individually free to express ourselves, by keeping at least one pair of Red shoes in our placard à chaussures. 

She is the Lady in the Red Shoes!



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