Shurie Southcott has been making hats for over ten years. Under the guidance of the late Jill Pfeiffer, her skill and creativity grew with utilizing the technique of “French Room” meaning “Hand Stich” and by paying attention to the details of making her designs with theutmost professionalism.

Shurie is mostly inspired by the late 1920s-1940s Victorian era. With ideas constantly bouncing around in her head, she continues to strive for uniqueness by adding a modern twist to her hat making art.



Floral Headdress is made with silk flowers and fruit.
Feathered butterfly and silk crystal fringe.





Hat - Floral Garden Bowler



Floral Top Hat is made with floral and buckram wire frame and is covered in vintage styled Victorian lace fabric.
The band is sequence cocoa lace.


1920s Inspired floral hat made with a modern twist.
Wire brim, embellished with silk florals and cactus



"My inspiration comes from old magazine,
articles and catalogs."




1920s Inspired Top Hat made with buckram and wire frame,
Chartreuse felt with vintage glass cut buttons and black ribbon.



Stalletto Top Hat - Designed Especially for Stalletto
Made from buckram and wire frame. Covered in vintage style net stocking fabric
Scarlet silk lace with sequins and silk rose band.


Made only by way of - THE FRENCH ROOM - HAND SEWN


 Hannah Snyder/Hannah Snyder Photography 


Tracy Klepadlo